Thursday, 21 June 2012

Morning Musume 「One・Two・Three」 outfit design from Alice and the Pirates?


So the MV come out today after they show us the dance ver few week ago
I really like the mv :D
and i love the outfit concept ero-kawaii 

Ayumi & Haruka is my fav member, after Gaki san left ;-;
 im still heart broke okay? Gaki san was my fav member since Konkon left 
 Reason why i never blog about it because it would take forever to xD

Here my MM ranking so far it might change after few months 
and the outfit showing
Bird cage jumper skirt :Alice and the Pirates

 Side by side comparing XD
As you see they had added bow & the skirt is shorter and the fabric of skirt seem to be silk or the lighting it different

Anyone interested of buying it's 26,040yen  (around £220)
haha im too broke to affort such expensive dress
I been wanting Baby dress since i was 1st year of high school now im 6th year still haven't own one :/
Maybe one of my goal of 2013 haha

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Yo Sushi~

Hi last months around May i went Glasgow to visited my Mihachii aka cecii
Got on train in the morning i thinks it was around 8am by bf drive me to Edinburgh train staion~

First i saw Cecii she came up to me without know so i scream xD
Then we were both hungry so went mcdonale for breakfast 
hey hoo it's okay to have big breakfast you know
After that went order bubble tea and wonder in shop 
i couldn't find any stuff to buy .. blah why fashion here so boring tbh

here pic of our hobo face in hobo drinking bubble tea la~
 After walking around town we got tired and i went to Cecii for first time :D
i was meant to stay over but i mum won't let me stay at edinburgh for EXTRA day long so :/
Yeah after that we try on cecii liz lisa clothes
and i give her the skirt :)

I swear i look shit different wtf 

 ohh la i take good phot huh ;)

After that we went out to yo sushi because we got hungry agian loll
i look so serious since im hungry okay?
my chicken katsu was good

we were soo full that didn't have any dessert
so yeah i would like to go back yo sushi again it's a bit expensive unless you buy a set
I brought saimon and otaro sashimi back home for my boo he really like it XD

Monday, 4 June 2012

i deleted all the photo on my blog by mistake :/
i didn't know the blogspot in syns with my phone album damn 
oh well i will be posting new one soon
old photo blog anyway XD
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