Saturday, 10 March 2012

Fashion looks: Dip Hem are in tread this spring ♥

Every shop i walk in to all i see is those dip hem skirt! I love those so much but i don't it doesn't suit me tbh XDHaven't tired it on yet since I didn't have much cash with me if i try it on i know i will want it!I love Liz Lisa spring collection so much *_*
Liz lisa collection

Then i take a look the shop over in uk i found this! ;)

from left to rightRare Dip Hem Belted Dress
Rare One Shoulder Dip Hem Dress
Pink mesh dipped hem skirt
Una Spotted Chiffon Mixi Skirt

Cute right? blah im broke atm so i can't buy any cute clothes T__T
I'm opening my online shop soon so look forward to it :D
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